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webDOMinator is the ONLY Friend Adder and Mass Messenger with support for over 120 social networking sites. Expand your Social Media Marketing Campaign and do it all on auto pilot.

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Tagged site package features the basic abilities to add friend requests and send simple messages. Auto-Commenting and auto-winking are included.
Download the Tagged.com Friend Adder and Mass Messenger bot

After you install the software and run it, click "Plugin > Download", then select Tagged.com and click Download
General Social Network Profile Last updated: 10/02/2013 11:53 AM

Featured Scripts and Actions for Tagged.com

webDOM can currently Add Friends and send Private Messages automatically on Tagged.com. No extra webDOM scripts for this plugin yet.
To use any of these scripts in webDOM, just click "View Code..." then click the "Copy" icon below the script code.
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